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What's New

mikroSDK 2.0 brings a complete overhaul and is not backwards compatible with v1.

While mikroSDK v1 was focused on mikroBUS API and Click Board™ drivers, mikroSDK 2.0 brings comprehensive application framework. Peripheral drivers are now integral part of mikroSDK 2.0 package and provide general microcontroller programming, whether you use mikroBUS or not, and providing more abstraction to hardware, enabling you to start writing application without "reinventing the wheel". In addition, mikroSDK 2.0 brings libraries for common development tasks, examples and documentation in single package.

NECTO Studio comes with native mikroSDK 2.0 support.

What's new in mikroSDK 2.0 Release

  • Redesigned easy-to-use API for microcontroller peripherals drivers
  • Added peripheral drivers for PWM and ADC
  • Asynchronous UART driver with interrupt handlers
  • Easy to use and create board pin-mapping support
  • Support for mapping pins on mikroBUS sockets, to target MCU
  • Driver context structure for enabling multiple instances of driver libraries
  • Complete new Graphic and GUI Libraries
  • Touch Panel library with multi-touch detection capabilities
  • Modern and easy to use logger library, for UART terminal
  • Conversions library
  • TFT board extension component
  • Tools for generating native C code from Designer GUI code