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Analog In Driver

Analog In driver provides access to functions used for reading the value of external voltage applied to an analog pin.

To use this library

Header: #include "drv_analog_in.h"

memake: MikroSDK.Driver

Analog In driver initializes and controls the Analog-to-Digital Converter module in the microcontroller in order to read the voltage from any analog input pin.


In order to successfully use the Analog In driver, user must call analog_in_open() function before any other.

It is required to specify only the analog pin. Configuring other things like VREF and resolution is optional, as they are configured by the analog_in_configure_default() function.
Example initialization procedure is shown below:

analog_in_t         analog_in;
analog_in_config_t  analog_in_cfg;
uint16_t           *read_value;

analog_in_configure_default( &analog_in_cfg );
analog_in_cfg.input_pin = PA3;                     

analog_in_open( &analog_in, &analog_in_cfg );

Reading ADC value

For reading from ADC, the driver provides a function called analog_in_read().

Basic usage is demonstrated below:

uint16_t *read_value;

analog_in_read( &analog_in, &read_value );