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MikroElektronika News

Time of Flight proximity sensor — LightRanger 2 click

Our new click from the sensor range – LightRanger 2 click – is a Time-of-Flight proximity sensor. Time-of-Flight sensor When you hear something like “Time-of-Flight” you don’t imme...

Lana Vulic 2017-01-24 13:05:26
BLE2 click and USB-UART click become a Bluetooth beacon

Theodor from has a new tutorial with two of our clicks: BLE2 click and USB-UART click. In this latest blog post, he teaches everyone how to configure an RN4020 module from Microch...

Lana Vulic 2017-01-23 09:34:52
Test your indoor air quality with Pollution click

Discover if the air quality of your home is good enough with our new Pollution click. It has high sensitivity to organic gases. This click is the 8th gas sensor click in your range, and you can...

Lana Vulic 2017-01-20 14:58:51


MikroElektronika Documentation

The page hosts manuals and user documentation (schematics, links to data sheets and other relevant material) for both hardware and software.

The project, however, is still in development. If you can't find a user manual you are looking for here, please search for it on the official product page on

To ensure that all the information is credible, only MikroElektronika staff is authorized to publish and edit content on this wiki.

The platform will allow us to update, improve and, if necessary, correct things very quickly.