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MikroElektronika has developed 21 compilers for 7 different architectures and 3 programming languages. Along with the compilers, there are two GUI software for TFT or GCLD, that can be used along with the compilers to help in the process of project development that requires a graphical interface.

You can download and use the demo version for free for each of our compilers and software. Free demo version of the compilers supports the projects with a size less than 2K of program words. Free demo version of our additional software - Visual TFT and Visual GLCD, supports the projects with one screen and a maximum of 7 objects on it.

If you want to purchase the full version, there are a couple of steps to follow in order to activate the license and unlock the full potential of your MikroElektronika software tool.

The new concept of our compilers - Merge with the Visual TFT

We have decided to make the working environment more pleasant and convenient for development. Most of our users have the need to make some sort of interface for their project. We have made an all-in-one solution, with the Visual TFT integrated into the compiler. You can register one, or both of the software. Or use the demo version.

FT90x compiler was first to welcome this innovative approach. Next, dsPIC and PIC compilers applied the same IDE, with the addition of new licensing methods. Every next release of other compiler families will follow the same methods.

To get more information on each method, click on the links they provide in the text below.

Read this if you have a Key File License

The key file license is obsolete on the last version of the dsPIC and PIC compilers. To continue using your compiler without limitations, you will need to reactivate your license with a new activation code. We suggest that you always use the latest version of the compiler.

The email with instructions was sent to the customers in our database. If you haven't received an email, but have the key file license you want to convert from, please contact us directly at

This will take five minutes of your time, and it is completely free.

Here's what to do:

  • STEP 1 – Fill out and submit the license conversion form.
  • STEP 2 - Once we receive your request, we will send your new activation code in an email.
  • STEP 3 — Launch your compiler, go to Help >> Software activation, and enter the Activation Code. A detailed guide with screenshots is available here.


PRO TIP: you will get your activation code instantly if you provide the original invoice or 2CO number of your compiler purchase. You can probably find them in your email archive. If you are not able to provide invoice and 2CO numbers, it may take 24 to 48 hours to process your request (you will be able to use your compiler regularly while you wait).

The new licensing model is much better because your license activation code will be permanent. You will use the same code whenever you switch to a different PC, or reinstall the compiler for any other reason.

A single license allows you to use the compiler on up to two PCs.

Previous Licensing methods

This methods are still present in all the other compiler lines except dsPIC. But we are working our way up to switch to the new, more simple license procedure and to more clear terminology. The goal remains the same - receive the full access to the compiler for the purchase you made. Quick and easy.

In order to successfully activate the license, download the desired compiler from the product page first. Our warmest suggestion is to always work with the latest version. Updates are free of charge, so you can update the compiler no matter which version you had purchased.

Install the compiler on the computer you will be using for the future development. The request for the license has to be made from the computer you will be using. There are different ways you can choose from in order to have the licensed version of the compiler.

Electronic License Delivery

If you choose to receive Electronic license, the Activation key can be delivered to you via email or on the Activation card. It can be used to maximum of two computers at the same time.

USB Dongle License

If you choose USB Dongle license, you will have the portable license, that can be connected to any computer for the instant full potential of the compiler.

New Licensing methods

First thing you will noticed is that we have changed the terminology. License can be delivered in the Code form, or on the USB dongle. But we have changed the IDE to make this more easy for the customer. For a couple of mouse clicks you will be good to go!

License Code

If you choose this method, you will receive the Registration code on mail first. This is the code that will help you to be registered in our database. With the request you will have to fill online, we will activate the license and send you the permanent unique Activation Code.

USB Dongle License

If you choose Dongle Licensing option, you can receive a USB stick with a single license. This can be used on any computer with the USB port. It will register the compiler while you have it connected. Once you disconnect it, the compiler will go back to demo version.

Special method for FT90x compilers only

Time Trial License

This option is available for FT90x compilers only. This feature was developed by MikroElektronika in order to provide a 45-day trial period.

End of life

Key File License

We have completely dismissed Key file license. Please note this licensing option is not present in the new version of the compilers. It is strongly suggested that you update to the latest version of the compiler and follow some of the currently active licensing methods. This method was providing the .exe file to your mailbox that contained the license key. Our suggestion is to always use the latest version of the compiler.

Site License

This licensing method was developed for the cases where multiple licenses are needed. The license is not linked to a computer, but to a site, and the server gives permission to each computer that has to use the compiler. Once the work is done, you can disconnect and the license will be free for another user. This is very convenient for offices, schools, or planned workshops. Minimum number of licenses that can be purchased is two.