MikroElektronika Software Roadmap

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This page maintains a roadmap of upcoming MikroElektronika software releases.

Currently, it lists the next three scheduled releases, whether they are minor updates or new versions.

We provide an early preview of expected features and fixes and a list of new MCUs that we will support. The level of details available varies, depending on the current phase of the project.

We encourage users to comment on the schedule and the feature overview. This will help us align our plans with community expectations and wishes. You can find the trending discussion topic on our forum.

Upcoming Software releases in order of arrival:

  1. AVR compilers roadmap
  2. PIC32 compilers roadmap

Roadmap pages with updates pending:

  1. FT90x compilers roadmap
  2. DsPIC compilers roadmap
  3. ARM compilers roadmap
  4. PIC compilers roadmap