Click BoosterPack 2

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Click BoosterPack 2
Click BoosterPack 2
Power supply 3.3V/5V
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Schematic Click BoosterPack 2 schematic


Click BoosterPack 2 is an extension for Texas Instruments LaunchPads™ with the current BoosterPack Pinout Standard. It has two mikroBUS™ sockets onboard, for simple and easy integration of MikroElektronika click boards with a LaunchPad™.

Add new functionality to your LaunchPad™ within minutes. We have more than 250 click boards available in our store, from audio and voice to power management and wireless connectivity clicks.

All our compilers come with code examples, so you’ll have a great base to start with.

Features and usage notes

Texas Instruments LaunchPad™

Texas Instruments has a wide range of LaunchPads™ on offer. They come in four categories: Low Power, Connected, Performance, and Safety. So choose click boards that are most suited to a particular LaunchPad™ and your project.


Mikrobus standard.png

mikroBUS™ host connector consists of two 1x8 female headers containing pins to be most likely used in the target add-on board. There are three groups of communication pins: SPI, UART and I2C. There are also single pins for PWM, Interrupt, Analog input, Reset and Chip Select. Pinout contains two power groups: +5V and GND on one header and +3.3V and GND on the other 1x8 header. mikroBUS™ host connector perfectly fits into standard breadboards.

Pinout standard

Unlike its predecessor – click BOOSTER PACK, this BoosterPack adheres to a new BoosterPack 40-pin Pinout Standard.

Energia Software

Energia is an open-source prototyping platform, with libraries that can enable multiple LaunchPads™ to work with your BoosterPack at the same time. Energia IDE supports Mac OS, Linux and Windows.

To get started with this software you can check out their official guide. The tutorial section will take you through the most useful code examples.

Key features

  • Two mikroBUS™ host sockets
  • Easy integration